We stood there, finally ready, backpacks shouldered. I watched as she set-up the machine.

“Didn’t we want to arrive ten minutes earlier?”

“It would have certainly been more convenient. But if WE wanted to arrive on time, WE would have had to be more punctual. Without the space extension, just a few seconds early or late could have various unpleasant consequences, all of them deadly.”

“I know, I know.” I acknowledged contritely, just before we traveled through time.


With this first publication I want to thank @MicroSFF and @Teryl_Pacieco. Discovering them here on Mastodon made me aware of that genre/form.

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@fiveop @MicroSFF @Teryl_Pacieco I'm a big fan of both, and I like your first one! :)

In my experience, creativity is often best when bounded carefully.

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